Process Agitator Articles

Process agitators are used the world over for mixing liquids. They are required in varied process industries like food, dairy, pharmaceuticals, breweries, etc. Agitator design and selection is based on various criteria, the most important being viscosity and specific gravity of the fluids. Starting from simple mechanical agitators, process agitators today have evolved to provide sophisticated mixing control. These series of process articles is aimed at evaluating various aspects of agitators. We keep on adding these articles frequently, so be sure to visit often!

Agitator Basics

What are agitators? Agitators are devices that are used to stir or mix fluids, especially liquids, which is one of the basic mechanical process engineering operations.

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The Science behind Process Agitators

Technically speaking, for a liquid mixed in a tank with a rotating agitator, the shear rate is greatest in the immediate vicinity of the agitator.

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Agitator Types

Agitators come in many sizes and shapes. There are two types of agitators – mechanical and electronically controlled.

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